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Our weekly articles shine the spotlight on special makes and models, as well as feature articles on market performance and industry news. Our comprehensive vehicle database also provides current and projected values, model information, and reviews.


We give you all of the tools to make informed decisions. From when to buy and sell, to how the collectible car market is trending as a whole, our experts collate macroeconomic information and auction data from across the world so you can maximise your returns.


We can show you how you can use collectible cars as instruments to protect and grow your wealth. We provide one-on-one consultation with our members to ensure you are making the best decisions you can, and can assist in sourcing the right car for you.

Outperform Traditional Markets

Add diversification to your investment portfolio

For the past decade the collector car market has outperformed almost all other financial markets – including the property market, by a factor of four-to-one. Collector cars have increased an average of 404% in the past ten years, with some vehicles far exceeding even that number. With models available to suit budgets from only $5,000, the collector car market is now being recognised by forward-thinking financial professionals as a way to increase and protect personal wealth. Diversify your portfolio outside of traditional volatile markets, and invest in something tangible that you love.

From the Editor

Benjamin Zachariah

Take a moment and imagine how your life might have been altered if your parents had acquired property in the biggest cities, half a century ago. Envision the possibilities had you added computer stocks to your portfolio in the 1980s. Think of the opportunities for your children if you'd purchased an early piece from an unknown graffiti artist before they shot to fame.


The world of classic and collectible cars is a legitimate asset market in its infancy. There are opportunities at this very moment, for budgets of all sizes, to enter sections of the market that are still dramatically undervalued. The biggest difference between collectible cars and other asset classes? Instead of being merely a value on a piece of paper or computer screen, you actually get to appreciate and enjoy a car in all of its magnificence. For a car enthusiast who has an interest in protecting and growing their wealth, it's hard to imagine a more perfect scenario. And today may be one of the last great opportunities to enter the market.


I invite you to join us here at Harris & Silverman, where our team of experts will let you know about market trends, provide information on upcoming investment opportunities, and give you the tools to protect and grow your wealth. We believe investment in knowledge pays the best dividends, and history waits for no man.


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